Shiatsu is Japanese for “finger pressure” – Shiatsu delivers deep, moderate, or light pressure toward the center of the body, and in this way each point of contact is felt throughout the whole body.

The nature of Shiatsu increases one’s capacity to relax into movement which is assisted with the practitioner’s support of graceful two-­handed finger pressure, making use of knees and sometimes elbows locating trigger points as used in acupressure. Assisted by the flow of breath an improvised movement interacting with the receiver’s own range of motion, the body is simultaneously guided to relax and be held as a child to a mother. Thus, a Shiatsu treatment can be focused on aches and pains, mobility and rehabilitation, internal organ functioning, or emotional and spiritual balancing.

Shiatsu is very relaxing and energizing – the healing potential is in your natural healing potential. Through Shiatsu we optimize healthy functioning and therefore your ability to restore, balance and be free from symptoms. We recognize the Hara, or abdomen, as the energetic core, the center of vitality. Every session begins brief and gentle palpation of the abdomen, which takes only a few minutes. At this time restoration of balance begins, but this also guides the remainder of the session. Every session treats the entire body, from head to toe. Shiatsu is sure to satisfy, and bring rejuvenation, mental and emotional clarity. We recommend Shiatsu whenever you feel the need to get back to balance – come weekly, monthly, or at least at every change of season!

Sessions by appointment only. Please, call at least 2 hours in advance for a same day appointment.



90 min session – $120

120 min session – $160

Couples session is double the price.

Please contact us at or call (312) 566-8424 to request this service.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that any cancellations made within 24 hrs of the appointment will only be refunded 50%.