The Reconvening of the Goddess Circle – Stepping into your Goddess Archetype

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goddess circle
Art by Emily Balivet

Join us for another Goddess Circle held by Melissa Tigerlily, OM Honna, and Janie Cricket as we delve into the healing journey of the Feminine Archetypes. Through an exploration of ancestral lineage and akashic karma, each woman in attendance will have the opportunity to feel the empowerment of archetypal connection. Are you a Celtic Warrior Goddess foraging the woman’s revolution? Are you an Elemental Goddess of peace and beauty saving the Mother Earth? Are you a Priestess of Christ Consciousness here to heal, forgive, and offer light anew?

We invite you to share an evening of deep connection and inner journeying with us. We will be exploring Self Love through Archetypal Recognition within ourselves and our beautiful sisters. This is a safe space for both vulnerable and empowered expression. We will hold a sacred container for sharing your heart’s deepest truth. This workshop will include slight movement, sound, and deep sister connection to ignite a remembrance and embodiment of your empowered Archetypal Self.

We will be journeying into the realm of Akasha by calling in our guides, guardians, angels, and ancestors. Here we will be in full embodiment our Higher Selves, our divine goddess presence.

We so look forward to Reigniting the Fire of our Beloved Goddess Circle! See you there, Sisters!