Thai Massage Therapeutics; Knees

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All 5 Thai Massage Therapeutics classes are taking place at the Chicago Oneness Center in Chicago. Each are 1-day classes. $175 each day or $700 for all five days. 9 am – 5 pm each day.

Nov. 4th, 7 CEU’s

Learn how to confidently and effectively approach painful, swollen, stiff, or post-op knees. Help clients avoid surgery by helping the body heal itself. In addition to working the knee directly, relieving knee issues involves working with tissues above and below the knee.

Topics covered:

  • Specific techniques for working directly with the tendons and ligaments of the knee.
  • Explore the areas above and below the knee that affect knee pain and mobility.
  • The use of sustained compressions & the breath.
  • Therapist’s body positioning. There are many ways to accomplish the same goal; we will help you find the most comfortable way that most suits your body. Comfort and ease are critical for maintaining the longevity of a bodyworker’s career.
  • Self-care techniques to inspire your clients to take care of their bodies.


Minimum 1-yr massage experience and an understanding of the regional anatomy.


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