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Join us for an interactive night of healing, aroma therapy, and relaxation.Our sacred sound healing ceremony uses the power of sound and vibration to restore one’s body, mind, and spirit to a sense of balance and harmony. As you receive this bath your body and heart soak in the subtle vibrations of singing bowls, tuning forks, violin, shamanic drums, flutes, and healing touch placed and played on and around you. Our sound healing experience is medicine for the mind, body, and soul.

About Sound Wave Symphony

Sound Wave Symphony (SWS) in its current form was born at Sukhava Bodhe Festival in 2016 (Stonehouse Farm, IL, USA), where OM Honna’s premonition to partner with Lisa Devi and Yeshua for her sound healing workshops coalesced with the illuminating powers of Mike McGuian.

Mike originally conceived the name after Phases of the Moon Festival in 2014 (Danville, IL, USA) where he joined practitioners who used sound, yoga, and other modalities in a shared space called The Sanctuary.  Mike was a part of the Sound Healing Team who performed hourly sacred sound healing circles using gongs, bowls, flutes, drums, and more–a sound wave delight!

Several years later, at a time when the world only needs it more, our group is committed to carrying that vision forward by uniting several disciplines and mediums: quartz and brass bowls and triangles, wood and metal flutes and drums, amplified effects and electronic synthesis, yoga and reiki.

Together we use these tools to create interactive sound healing journeys intended to raise the vibrations and deepen the intonations which will awaken spiritsfree minds, and restore bodies in today’s world.