Physical & Energetic Anatomy Techniques~ Monthly Matwork Classes

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Event Details

This event is running from 9 August 2018 until 29 November 2018. It is next occurring on November 29, 2018 1:00 pm

An Integrative and Multi-dimensional donation based monthly class open to all bodyworkers!

Join Randy Cummins of Black Swan Bodywork as we collectively explore and deepen our understanding of how we interface with our client’s needs utilizing the following:

– Myofascial Techniques
– Muscle / Meridian Stretching
– Acupressure Point Engagement
– Body Mechanics & Breath Awareness

Each monthly class will address technique, application, and utilization based on the collective needs and wants of the students attending.
Students will have both guided and free time to work on one another.

More information can be found here.