One Love Valentines Extravaganza

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As we expand our awareness and raise our levels of consciousness the way we connect with each other is changing. In this Aquarian Age, we are no longer bound to the limitations of our physical bodies. We can now experience the orgasmic flow of the universe through energy exchange, and we don’t have to have a partner for that matter.

Come by yourself or bring a friend/partner and take a journey beyond the physical. Learn simple practices for building lasting relationships that will endure the ups and downs of this experience we call life and create a blissful existence for the years to come…

We’ll cover techniques for:
~ Creating Sacred Space
~ Understanding How to Hold Space For Others
~ Connecting with our Higher Selves
~ Releasing the Conditionings of Our Past
~ Uniting the Divine Masculine and Feminine
~ Setting Boundaries for Lasting Relationships
~ Opening to Unconditional Love
~ Eliminating Judgment and Expectations

~This event is open to couples and individuals. Join us and learn to exist LOinVE! <3

*Wear workout type clothes and bring a pen & paper if you’re inclined to take notes.

$25 online

$30 at the door