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An in-depth workshop elaborating the esoteric and psychological principles behind tarot and advanced options on approaching card readings.

The Tarot is a six-hundred year old symbol system that mystics suggest actually dates back far further, to the Mystery schools of ancient Egypt and Greece. While it is the original form of the modern day playing card deck and is used for fortunetelling or entertainment purposes, it is better understood as a symbolic map of human consciousness and the karmic journey of soul evolution. The Tarot has been further refined into the 21st century with hundreds of different decks currently available. Our focus will be on the Thoth deck completed by Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris in the 1940s, though other images will be discussed and studied.

Attendance of both the February and March classes is recommended, though not required.

This course will examine the Qabalistic principles behind the meanings of the cards, as well as zodiacal and numerological implications. Several different reading approaches will be taught, culminating in a paired reading. All students are required to bring their own tarot deck. The course will center on the Thoth deck but will accommodate all tarot decks.

$5 discount for attending both workshops is available, please inquire.

$30 online, $35 at the door


About Stephen

Stephen Hamilton Kozak is a healer, musician, and lifelong student of spirituality and has been practicing tarot for six years, including as a resident monthly practitioner at Urban Escape Healing.  He authored several undergraduate research papers on Jungian psychology and the relationship between Tarot and personality. This is his second workshop series.