Flow Into the New Year Gong Meditation Celebration

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On the last day of the year, we gather with an intention to release what no longer serves our higher Self.
Through movement, breath work and mantra, as well as the vibrational healing sounds of the gong, we’ll connect with the universal energy flow. Let it all go and make room for the abundance of the year to come.
In numerolory 2018 is an 11, a powerful and sacred master number. It is all about inspiration, intuition, receiving. To be successful we must create clarity and be able to welcome abundance without sub-conscious guilt or doubt getting in the way.
Join us for a totally relaxing afternoon. Learn some simple techniques which when practiced regularly can assist with maintaining a higher vibration throughout the day to feel more inspired, energised, and intuitivly connected.
We’ll raise our vibrations and welcome the new year in on a high note, with clarity, completely open to change, grounded in our intention and able to go with the flow…
Namaste ~ We’re Looking Forward to Expanding With You