Flow Into the New Year – Getting Grounded

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If you liked our new year’s eve session you’ll love this…

Join us for a powerful afternoon of transformation. This workshop is designed to connect with personal power, willpower, motivation, ambition, courage, and sense of security.

Getting grounded is the first step to making sound decisions and successfully manifesting desires. Through specific movements, breath work and mantra and the awesome vibrational healing power of the gong we reset patterns and clear space for inspiration & growth to occur.

Connecting with the energy of lower chakra system will definitely inspire a sense of security in which we can experience transformation. Practice what you’ve learned regularly to maintain clarity and balance throughout your day, raise energy levels and improve all-around health.

*Please note this session is experiential, wear workout type clothes and bring a pen & paper if you’re inclined to take notes. Some mats are available.

$20 online

$25 at the door