Current Vibrations

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Everything is vibrating all of the time.  When our cells are vibrating in harmony with each other we are calm, clear headed, focused, peaceful, and healthy.  When our body is vibrating in dis-harmony we feel anxious, short tempered, scattered, restless, and uncomfortable.  If we remain in dis-harmony, a consequence of stress, it can compromise our digestive and immune systems, retention of information, and even our ability to engage in restorative sleep at night.

Current Vibrations is an experience in sound where by instruments such as the gong and singing bowls are played with the intention of re-harmonizing the body and releasing stress.  This occurs through a phenomenon known as entrainment through which our cells are brought into resonance with the precise and powerful vibrations of each instrument.

Taking part in Current Vibrations requires no skills, abilities, or beliefs.  Participants simply sit or lay near the instruments and allow the produced vibrations to bring their body back into a state of harmony.

Jay Taylor is a musician, sound healer, shamanic practitioner, community builder, and urban farmer.  He believes that everyone is doing their best at any given moment AND that expanding our version of ‘best’ can be accomplished through the release of stress, healing of trauma, and the loving consideration of the body.  As a special education teacher in Chicago for the past 10 years, Jay understands that he must meet each person he works with right where they are in their consciousness.  Through the use of the gong, crystal bowls, shakers, voice, and guitar, Jay takes participants on a Sound Voyage that results in the total relaxation of the physical body, re-tuning of the energetic body, and the release of accumulated heavy energy.  For more information go to

$25 online (please bring exact amount if paying cash at the door)