Current Vibrations Presents: Microgreens 101

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Come join us for a hands on experience in soiling, compressing, watering, and seeding a tray of Peashoots.  Through this process you will learn how to consistently grow highly nutritious and delicious food in your home.  The course will focus on the procedures of planting, growing, and harvesting microgreens and will feature essential information about water filtration, lighting, soil, and seed.   When it is time to go you will take your tray and step-by-step procedures and finish the growing and harvesting process at home.  In addition, participants will be provided with a 20 minute Sound Voyage (crystal bowl/gong) to start the class, the option to purchase seed, soil, trays, and lighting, an actively growing tray to take home (with a market value of approx. $30), and the opportunity to purchase freshly harvested greens.

**Please pre-register to guarantee a spot as some materials will be limited.**

Teacher Bio:  Jay Taylor is a musician, sound healer, shamanic practitioner, community builder, and urban farmer. He first began growing food while teaching at Carlos Fuentes Elementary in Avondale. The home/school experiment began with growing leafy greens in jars, then tomatoes in buckets, and finally an automated tower system. The limitations of these methods in terms of production and electricity consumption became obvious over time so Jay began looking into alternatives. The answer he found was microgreens. They were cheap to produce, easy to grow, took less than two weeks from seed to harvest, were high yielding, superbly nutritious, and undeniably delicious. It was empowering for Jay to produce his own food at such a high level and deeply disturbing to watch children eat highly processed food in the cafeteria each day. Microgreens 101 was born out of Jay’s desire to support others in tapping into their own power and taking control of what they put into their body.

Length: 90 minutes

$60 per person (and your partner gets in free)
Please bring exact amount if paying cash at the door