Trance Dance ~ A Sacred Journey Within

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Friday, July 28thtrance dance

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

$25 online, $30 at the door


Using dance to go into trance dates back 40,000 years to our Shamanic ancestors. Blindfolded and deeply rooted we journey beyond the physical, through music and movement, to create a deeper connection with our Soul. All the answers we seek lie in the spiritual realms which provide us with transformational possibilities like no other.

We’ll start the evening with a bit of sacred cacao to welcome the Spirits and assist us with opening the heart chakra, centering and grounding. As we begin to connect with the universal energy flow, blindfolds go on and the music begins. Without our sense of sight, the dance becomes deeply personal. The opportunity for interflection is heightened as obvious stimuli are removed.

Following the rhythms and beats, we slowly become more and more conscious of our Selves and begin the journey within. Much will be revealed as we raise our levels of consciousness and heighten awareness.

The dance ends in total relaxation as we return to the floor and lie on our mats, allowing our Selves to come back to the physical world. The vibrational tones of the gong help us transition from the trance state and reset patterns for transformation.

~ Please wear loose, comfortable clothes and bring a scarf to cover your eyes. Mats are available, bring your own if you prefer.

**Space is limited, register in advance to guarantee your spot and save $5!!

Namaste, we are looking forward to expanding with you.