Sound Wave Symphony

Saturday, May 27th

3 PM – 4:30 PM

$30 online, $35 at door


Additional shows on June 17th and July 22nd.

Sound Wave Symphony (SWS) in its current form was born at Sukhava Bodhe Festival in 2016 (Stonehouse Farm, IL, USA), where OM Honna’s premonition to partner with Lisa Devi and Yeshua for her sound healing workshops coalesced with the illuminating powers of Mike McGuian.

Mike originally conceived the name after Phases of the Moon Festival in 2014 (Danville, IL, USA) where he joined practitioners who used sound, yoga, and other modalities in a shared space called The Sanctuary.  Mike was a part of the Sound Healing Team who performed hourly sacred sound healing circles using gongs, bowls, flutes, drums, and more–a sound wave delight!

Several years later, at a time when the world only needs it more, our group is committed to carrying that vision forward by uniting several disciplines and mediums: quartz and brass bowls and triangles, wood and metal flutes and drums, amplified effects and electronic synthesis, yoga and reiki.

Together we use these tools to create interactive sound healing journeys intended to raise the vibrations and deepen the intonations which will awaken spiritsfree minds, and restore bodies in today’s world.

First Friday Bodyworker Free Play

Friday, June 2nd

7 PM – 10 PM

Free admission

Join Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies, Thai Blossom and Chicago Oneness Center on the First Friday of the month for an informal play session. All floor practitioners are welcome. We come together to practice our craft, enjoy learning, and grow our community of like minded bodyworkers from around the great city of Chicago.

Cacao Ceremony with Meditation & Sound Healing

Saturday, June 3rd

6 PM – 9 PM

$25 advance, $30 at the door

Ceremony entry includes a full serving of cacao.
This event will likely sell out, so advanced registration is recommended.


Join Nick Meador and OM Honna for a sacred cacao ceremony with meditation and sound healing at Chicago Oneness Center.

In this sacred circle we will drink the indigenous plant medicine cacao, grown organically in northern Guatemala by a farmer Nick knows personally. Pure cacao opens the heart, deepens meditative experiences, and fosters inner/outer connection. We’ll have an opening circle to support everyone’s intentions. And after the holistic experience for mind, body, and spirit, we’ll come back together for integration and sharing.

Nick will lead the OSHO Nadabrahma meditation, involving humming and gentle energy flow. Nick customizes this with his own Inner Waymark wisdom and insights.

Then OM Honna will lead you into deep relaxation with crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, essential oils, and words of guidance.

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, water bottle, and anything else that would make you comfortable.

Additional Soul Lift Cacao bars, nibs, and beans will be available for purchase, as well as Maya Eterna hand-made goods from Guatemala and Mexico.

Nick Meador is a holistic event producer and facilitator, transformational coach, cacao connoisseur, entrepreneur, and writer. His mission is to empower and liberate people in a sustainable way. Nick synthesizes a variety of conscious communication and awareness systems into an innovative approach to healing and self-development. This ranges from the practical (Nonviolent Communication, or NVC) to the esoteric (shamanism). He has been hosting events that foster connection for more than a decade, recently including breathwork, ecstatic dance, group process circles, cacao ceremonies, Reiki shares, and hybrids of these. Nick is the founder of Inner Waymark, LLC, creating events, services, and media content based around the idea that we can find meaning, purpose, and direction within. He also runs Soul Lift Cacao, selling organic single-source cacao paste, nibs, beans, and power bars. Find out more at

*Cacao consumption is optional at this event. The energy will be high either way. It is not advised for people taking pharmaceutical anti-depressants or people with a heart condition to have a full serving of raw cacao.

Trance Dance ~ A Sacred Journey Within

Friday, June 16thtrance dance

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

$30 online, $40 at the door


Using dance to go into trance dates back 40,000 years to our Shamanic ancestors. Blindfolded and deeply rooted we journey beyond the physical, through music and movement, to create a deeper connection with our Soul. All the answers we seek lie in the spiritual realms which provide us with transformational possibilities like no other. We’ll start the evening with a cacao ceremony to welcome the Spirits and assist us with centering and grounding. As we begin to connect with the universal energy flow, blindfolds go on and the music begins. Without our sense of

We’ll start the evening with a cacao ceremony to welcome the Spirits and assist us with centering and grounding. As we begin to connect with the universal energy flow, blindfolds go on and the music begins. Without our sense of sight, the dance becomes deeply personal. The opportunity for interflection is heightened as obvious stimuli are removed.

Following the rhythms and beats, we slowly become more and more conscious of our Selves and begin the journey within. Much will be revealed as we raise our levels of consciousness and heighten awareness. The dance ends in total relaxation as we return to the floor and lie on our mats, allowing our Selves to come back to the physical world. The vibrational tones of the gong help us transition from the trance state and reset patterns for transformation.

~ Please wear loose, comfortable clothes and bring a scarf to cover your eyes.

Mats are available.

Namaste, we are looking forward to expanding with you.

Introduction to Thai Bodywork

Saturday & Sunday, August 5th & 6thintroduction to thai bodywork

9 AM – 6 PM

Early registration (by July 23rd) $225

General registration $275

Offering 16 NCBTMB Continuing Education credit hours, Introduction to Bodywork is geared toward massage therapists; yoga teachers and students; energy healers; adventure seekers; and people who are curious about bodywork and the healing arts. It is for those who are looking to get inspired with new ways to move, stretch and connect with others. With a strong focus on mindfulness, breath, and flowing movement, this course will take you on a journey into the heart of bodywork as it is practiced in Thailand.
The class will be conducted on top of a Thai mat on the floor. It will  give you the joyful experience of crawling, rolling and engaging with another person like you did when you were a kid.

About Paul

Paul Fowler is the Director and Co‐Founder of Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies, one of the premier Thai bodywork training programs in the country. He has been teaching Thai massage and meditation for well over a decade. Paul’s classes are laced with wisdom, humor and stories from the Buddhist culture of Thailand. His light­‐hearted and confident approach to the subject as well as his caring attitude toward his students have made him a much loved and sought after teacher in Chicago and beyond.