Sarga Bodywork – Table 1

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This event is running from 4 June 2018 until 4 June 2018. It is next occurring on June 4, 2018 9:00 am

Sarga BodyworkSARGA BODYWORK is an advanced barefoot massage modality. A significant degree of focus, patience, physical fitness, and bodywork experience are requirements for practicing this work. Interested individuals must submit an application to register for courses.


Sarga Table 1 (30 CEUs)

In this signature 5-day course, students will gain barefoot massage skills in both posterior and anterior applications, an understanding of Sarga Strap alignment and wrapping methods, and will be introduced to Sarga equipment and safety considerations for raised massage tables. Upon completion of this 5-day course, students will be able to administer a 90-minute, full body Sarga Bodywork treatment. Note that all techniques learned in this course can be applied to bodywork on a floor-based equipment.


  • Sarga Bodywork principles & ethos.
  • Foot-based awareness, mechanics, care & sanitation.
  • Risks & contraindications of barefoot massage.
  • Sarga Strap body alignment & wrapping techniques.
  • Seated & standing posterior/anterior myofascial applications.
  • 90-min, full body routine for raised massage tables.
  • Safety, setup & care of the Sarga Attachment for raised tables.
  • Sarga Strap safety, setup & care.

Duration: 5 Days /30 hours total class time (30CEUs)


  • Must be a licensed or experienced bodyworker with at least 1 year of manual therapy experience.
  • Must be approved to register. Interested individuals must apply.