Mondays 9 AM – 10:15 AM

morning flow

Yoga Flow with Lucia will energize your morning rituals. You can expect to smile, laugh, dance and play in this fun Vinyasa class! You will learn awesome Alignment principles and get centered using Pranayama, or Breathwork, as you move through moderate to more powerful sequencing.  Her rhythmic yoga playlists will draw you deeper into your movement meditation and she loves giving dance breaks!  Your body will ease into the more advanced postures naturally once it has previewed principles and opened into basic versions.  Alignment cues, Modifications, Adjustments, and Demos are given to keep your practice safe and allow for further growth in Asanas.  More challenging poses are suggested if appropriate, as Lucia also loves teaching Inversions, Backbends and Arm Balances.  Winding down she’ll guide you into gentler stretch movements to cool and restore your body.  Practice completes with blissed out final relaxation poses to integrate practice, during which Lucia makes rounds massaging your shoulders and feet, to melt away final body tensions.

Start your day with yoga play!

All Levels welcome.

Lucia was born in Chicago, grew up in Evanston, and feel blessed to be teaching in her community again.  She’s a second generation yogi and instructor.  Lucia’s lineage began with her parents, who were disciples of Kriyananda, at the Temple of Kriya Yoga.  She believes her swadharma, personal path, is as a healer.  She has been practicing bodywork for over twenty years, specializing in Thai Massage, and recently completing Shiatsu coursework. Lucia spent the last 4 years living in Colorado, in deep appreciation of nature; rock and ice climbing, skiing and practicing yoga. As she deepened her connection with nature she became increasingly adventurous in her practice as well as off the mat, and this attitude has bled into Lucia’s Hatha Yoga Instruction.  

Lucia teaches 60/75/90 minute classes in a few different styles.  She designs her Flow sequences to build anatomically; to strengthen as well as open body tissues, progressively.  Flow moves into more challenging postures as the body has found a preview of necessary posture alignment from simpler poses.  Inversions are always offered up and she loves teaching Arm Balances. Her Flow includes some basic Pranayama techniques, and gives student specific alignment during the flow. In completion of practice, she cools things down into a blissful final relaxation. Lucia also teaches a more dynamic Vini inspired Gentle Yoga Flow style, as well as Restorative Yoga.