An Introduction to Tantra

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tantraSaturday, April 15th

3 PM – 4:30 PM

$25 online, $30 at door





The word tantra literally means technique. Contrary to modern beliefs tantra is an individual practice, discovered 6000 years ago by Tibetan monks as a way too move stuck or blocked energies through the chakra system. Tantric techniques are meditative in nature and can assist with releasing both emotional and physical issues, lowering blood pressure, releasing stress and tension, increasing energy levels, eliminating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and much more. Practicing regularly expands our levels of consciousness and creates a deeper connection in all our relationships.

Tantra as an area of study and as a way of life holds immense Self-transformative potential for the human mind and can be used by any religious denomination to create a conscious connection with Source, Divine, or the universal energy flow, however you choose to see it.

When practiced with a partner it will certainly bring intimacy to the next level, but both people have to have an individual practice for this to happen.

Join us for an enlightening session and learn basic tantric techniques to assist you with clearing negative subconscious conditionings and resetting patterns. Raise the vibration in which you exist and move the Law of Attraction into positive action.

This is an experiential session; you will leave feeling lighter and more empowered to move forward on your journey towards manifesting your desires.

~Wear workout type clothes, some mats are available. Please bring paper and pen if you are inclined to take notes.